Customer Loyalty and Rewards Functionality for a Leading Marketing Agency

The Challenge

A very prestigious marketing and advertising agency won a very large project from a Fortune 500 brand.  The client had limited internal resources to manage it, and a very tight timeline to work with.  Design, development, and deployment were all requirements of the project, so they needed someone who could specifically manage the full scope of the project.

The Solution

Tekton was selected by the client after a batch of proposed offers.  The client and the Fortune 500 company did a lot of the concept and deployment strategy, Tekton was going to be heavily involved in the technical development, customization, testing, and data work.  It was a collaborative effort between all parties.  

The Results

The final result of the project was a great success.  The app had a massive adoption rate, and one of the key metrics was adoption and usage.  Upon app launch, more than 150,000 tweets in the first day were generated from the app, meaning the app was able to manage a high traffic value.  The client also found the design and app functionality to be fantastic for the final end-user.


Tekton’s diligence, ownership and authority of their work was recognized by the client. “There are times you’ll hire a developer and while it’s in their interest to build you what you want, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to internalize its importance to your business. Tekton prioritized us.”