Development Of A CRM For Peruvian Call Center

The Challenge

Our client, located in the United States, was seeking someone who could develop a CRM for a call center located in Peru. As the client was located in the United States yet the call center was located in Peru, the primary challenge of developing the CRM was to ensure that existing data and new data inputs from Peru could be accurately tracked and viewed in the United States.


The challenge was to create a system that could be used in Peru, yet easily managed and overseen from the United States, meaning the primary challenge was overcoming geography through technology.

The Solution

The client understood the major challenges that needed to be overcome in order to reach their required solution, and found that we were able to provide the services to reach their goal.  We were able to develop a CRM that could be easily used in Peru, yet managed and tracked in the United States. In order to approach the challenge, we deployed our Scrum and Agile Team initiatives to develop custom software for the client.

The Results

The client found that our Scrum and Agile Teams approach provided transparency throughout the project, and was nimble enough to manage any unexpected issues or additional requests.  What the client was most surprised about, and happy with, was providing continued open dialogue that fostered trustworthiness and a reputation as a problem solver.  We now provide continued maintenance and support, establishing a long term relationship.