Development of a sales portal focused on government entities for a regional airline

The Challenge

Between 2018 and 2019 this airline grew significantly, leading them to diversification.  One area they business ventured into was collaboration with and selling to government entities.  As it’s such a niche area, it needed a unique approach to selling exclusively to these accounts via a custom sales portal.  

A primary challenge was the short timeline placed on the project by the client.  Things needed to move quickly and efficiently.  

The Solution

In order to meet the challenge of developing a sales portal in a short timeline of just a few months for a major regional airline, we deployed a team that could provide diligent services.  Our team was composed of a scrum master, an architecture leader, three developers, and a QA person.  With such a short timeline, we had to be sure we provided enough resources to ensure a quick turnaround at a high-quality product.

The client already had a base code on their general website, and we worked using Node.js, Jira, repositories, as well as implemented new cloud-based production spaces.

The Results

The project began mid-October 2019, and was wrapped up by December of 2019, meaning the turnaround took just about 2 months.  The client couldn’t believe the speed and quality of the product developed throughout the project, and we were able to achieve a quality of a project that would normally require around 9 months in just 2 months.  What stood out to the client in achieving this was the commitment to the project, the communication, and technological skills.