Mobile App Development for an Educational Startup

The Challenge

A San Francisco-based Educational Startup was looking to complement their already existing website for their business with a mobile product.  The website already existed, but they were needing something that was a bit more nimble and could be taken on the go by users. 

Being a fairly tech-savvy startup, they knew their overall needs.  What they needed was someone who could quickly get on the same page, and execute.  

The Solution

Tekton came in quickly understanding the needs of the Educational Startup.  There was no need for a lengthy discovery process to tease out the needs of the client, instead, Tekton’s great understanding of the technology needs made it easy to get on the same page as the client.

The Results

Tekton built a simple text-based educational mobile tool.  It pulls down educational materials on a real-time basis from a host and then caches the responses from the client.  When the host is available, the telecommunications link is available.  It then sends the result that it’s been stored, and then cached back to the server.  So, when the client logs on to the server the application can see all of the work that they get on their mobile device.

The project only took 6 weeks from start to finish, proving Tekton’s ability to quickly adapt to clients needs.  Overall Tekton, in the words of the client, “provided an exceptional understanding of technology and product development.  The team is competent, attentive, and provides good follow-through.”