Software Development Firm Receives Developer Support For Several Years

The Challenge

The client prides itself on providing services to anyone who needs a specific set of experts to bring their development ideas to life.  Being so open to providing solutions to a wide array of industries can make staffing for those projects extremely difficult. The client needed high-quality engineers, and the market made it difficult to find the right people through traditional interviews and hiring.

At the end of the day, the client needed high quality engineers at a high volume, and flexibility in hiring.

The Solution

Being one of the best in the industry in providing engineers, we were confident in our ability to support them in their needs.  They came to us evaluating the market, and decided we had a significant presence and were able to provide a expertise in Node.js, JavaScript, C#, and more.  The transition working together was seamless, and our engineers were always available to support project needs. 

The Results

 Over the years, we’ve provided up to nearly 30 engineers at a time working on multiple projects, all of which have been a success.  Even with the high volume of engineers, there was a consistent level of professionalism, all were versed in multiple languages, and had skilled expertise in a variety of technical fields.  Not only is the working results high quality, but the culture of work is extremely important to the client, and they found their culture meshed well with our engineers, providing the best quality of code in a happy environment.