Software Development for Legal Tech Consulting Firm

The Challenge

The client is a venture that explores the intersection of law, policy, and technology to find venture consulting opportunities, was searching for a product development partner.  Specifically, they were seeking someone who could help build a software that could transcribe local government meetings from video to text, and be able to search within that tech transcription. 


They didn’t have any in house tech development, so they needed to rely on a team that was knowledgeable, and supportive in their vision.  They weren’t seeking someone who would simply build the code and move one, they were seeking a partner who would work closely to match their vision to a quality product.

The Solution

The company entered a working agreement with Tekton in order to begin building out a prototype.  Tekton began developing both front and backend development in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Once they were able to review the prototype, it was clear Tekton were a great candidate to build out the entire project.


What was key in the relationship, and a great surprise for the client, was the level of project management and communication from Tekton.  They found the value in professional approach in project management from Tekton, and how working with a team of 5 from Tekton was seamless and efficient.

The Results

Tekton adopted all of the key tools that the client asked for, and were flexible in working to meet the needs of the client.  Trust was built between the two early on based off of great communication and efficient deliveries.  Tekton explored the different frameworks that they were considering, and helped define the architecture.  Overall, the company were extremely satisfied with the experience with Tekton, who went on to finish the entire project and the two partners continue to be in an engagement.