Web Development for Cement Production Company

The Challenge

The client is a Cement Production company who offer important supervision services to their clients after the primary design phase is completed on a project.  They offer a certified master builder who supervises the building process and provides updates to the client.  Traditionally, it had been an informal process, but the company saw this as a business opportunity to drive future revenue.  So, they wanted to professionalize the supervision services by offering a platform for the process.  


They were seeking a partner who would help develop a usable platform that would streamline and professionalize the process.  Where master builders would be able to upload updates and images in order to create transparency and formality between the builders and clients.

The Solution

Once the client and Tekton entered an agreement, Tekton provided 5 developers and a UX/UI specialist in order to begin the project from discovery to completion.  The key solution was the utilization of a UX/UI specialist in order to make sure Tekton fully understood about the users perfectly.  

The Results

The final results were clearly well received by the company.  They found that not only was the final product of great quality and usability, but the working relationship was fantastic.  Once the two sides adapted to one another, Tekton integrated themselves into the framework of the client in order to work side by side.  What they were most impressed with was the UX/UI input, as it helped guide the development of the product with the final user in mind.  


Overall, the platform generated great value for its users, and helped to create a product that would drive the client business forward in the future.