Web Platform Development For An Oil And Gas Business

The Challenge

Inergytech are an oil and gas business that were developing an online platform that allows users to create orders for vendors in order to bring them materials or services. 

They needed the transaction to be electronic and traceable.  Inergytech also had been working with a previous company, which wasn’t great.  So Tekton Labs needed to overcome the challenge of building trust with Inergytech after some not so great experiences with other companies.

The Solution

The two engaged with one another in April of 2017, and once Inergytech engaged with Tekton Labs, it deployed it’s team and began developing the code for their online platform.  Tekton Labs worked on SQL, HTML5, iOS and Android, and were to be relied upon as the technical experts as a resource for Inergytech.  Whenever there was a doubt, or Inergytech were not sure about something, they knew they could rely on Tekton Labs to find the answer and solutions. 

The Results

Inergytech were so pleased with the project management, quality of delivery of their platform, and expertise that they ended up staying in the engagement for the long term, and are still in an ongoing relationship to this date.  Most importantly, Inergytech went from a zero cash business to cash positive, effectively changing their business for the better.  Throughout the partnership Tekton Labs have been able to showcase a wide array of skills and expertise that’s hard to find as an offshore partner.  It seemed that it didn’t matter the topic or challenge, Tekton Labs could find the answer.  Tekton Labs proved to be an excellent resource, and were above and beyond on the communication and project management, leading to a long term relationship.