Tekton rebranded: How and why we did it

Tekton rebranded: How and why we did it

You probably noticed we have a new look here at Tekton. But our core principles, services, and commitment to clients have remained the same. Here, we will explain why we decided to revitalize our look, outline who we are as a company, and what you can expect when you choose to work with us.

Same company with a different look

Our goal behind the decision to revitalize our appearance was to unify the look and feel of our brand with our values as a team. Here at Tekton, our mission has always been to facilitate your vision and turn it into reality — that hasn’t changed.

We remain true to our mission and are consistent in the services we offer. You can look to Tekton to find the technology that fits your goals, whether that be tracking customer behavior, design, development, or digital consulting.

Tekton is the same company, just with a different look. We remain true to our commitments, values, and the creative process of achieving the scope of any project.  At our core, we believe creativity powers technology, and we felt our team deserved a brand that showcased that creativity.

Keeping the same values at Tekton

Our values at Tekton are what unifies and drives our creative intelligence, technical expertise, and leadership. The visual rebrand of our website and various platforms hasn’t changed our core values, and they continue to lead us towards innovative solutions and client satisfaction.


Authenticity means realizing the value in diversity and remaining true to our goals, standards, and expectations. Every time you work with Tekton, you deal with real people with a passion for understanding your needs and the scope of your project. You can trust that our process and our work are always authentic.


Accountability is crucial to the success of a project, which is why everyone on our team takes their responsibility in the process seriously. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and sincerely believe what we do matters. We are accountable because we care.


Our thirst for knowledge brings us closer to creative solutions. Technology was born from curiosity and it is always changing because of it. Tekton views every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and adapt.


One of our highest values is communication. It’s essential for turning a vision into reality, creating predictable results, and satisfying your needs as a client. With Tekton, you work with real people from start to finish


Our team at Tekton is never one to shy away from a challenge. No matter the scope or barrier to achieving your vision, a dedicated team will rise to the challenge, finding creative solutions and innovative ways to get it done.

Working with a Scrum team

Scrum is a framework that aligns with our values as a company because of its ability to adapt and overcome challenges. Technology is always at its best when it is flexible, and in a similar way, the process of developing technology must remain flexible too.

Scrum teams follow the agile methodology of project management because it prioritizes quality, customer satisfaction, and freedom in how we achieve our client’s goals. This approach allows us to work closely with clients, keeping them up to date with developments and always leaving room for improvements.

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Agile is an iterative process that lets you see the progress of a project regularly, so there is never a surprise as there is always an opportunity to communicate. Our commitment to achieving your vision and satisfying your needs is ingrained in who we are and how we do things.

UX/UI design services, digital consulting, software development, product discovery, and more

Tekton is the bridge between people and technology. The bridge that joins people and technology is built on creativity, perseverance, and the ability to work with clients closely, understanding their needs and always exceeding expectations. To our essence, this is the principle that moves our team forward.

We can help you achieve your vision through UX/UI design services, software development, customer research, and even provide training to help your team achieve the results you’re looking for.

Sometimes to remain consistent, we need to change. Tekton’s new look coheres with our dynamic as a team, commitment to clients, and philosophy of technology. Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help you achieve your vision with creative solutions.