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Out There

The intention of all great apps is to make life easier and more enjoyable. Whether they help us to organize our schedules or our personal finances, some apps have become so beneficial to our lives that we just assume everybody wants to use them. In this blog post we will explore a few of the design apps our creative designers love. Remember, everything seems to be on an app now!

Penny App

Versatile and playful

If you think financial solutions are supposed to be conventional and conservative, Penny app goes beyond these ideas and invites you to explore an entirely new, fresh, and friendly visual language.

Why is it great?

The insight: When you hop from employer to employer, you tend to lose track of different pension pots. Back in 2013, a survey provided by Smart Pension UK shared that at least 23% of respondents had lost track of one or more pensions from past employers. Penny app’s design gets rid of the anxiety related to personal finances and offers pointers on how to trace and recover a lost workplace pension.

From the user’s journey perspective (UX), it was clear that the team behind the app’s creation
understood that most of its target audience would be older people who might have difficulty mastering the digital world. With this in mind, the creation of the app was based on the apps these users handle best: WhatsApp and Messenger. For this reason they created a chat interface as the centerpiece of the experience.

Another feature of the app is that it centralizes all pensions in a single account, but keeps track of each fund separately. In this way, each account can be traced in detail while still showing the total amount of money available.

Israel Railways App

Efficient and friendly

The Israel Railways app is a government-owned company that serves both as a trip planner and a great way to turn every ride into a pleasant experience all over the country. Through the app, users can plan their journey swiftly and efficiently. The app’sadvanced and service-oriented UX makes this rail transport system more accessible to users.

Why is it great?

Not only does the Israel Railways app help you find route details easily anytime and anywhere, but it also simplifies travel with some amazing features including: a simple-to-use schedule, a smart alarm clock programmed to wake you up by destination,information about fare and schedule changes, and more.

However, what we love about this application is its clean and bright design. Featuring a simple typography and a menu bar that’s always in sight, users are able to jump from page to page and find the information they need when they need it. The great UX design allows users to have a pleasant experience on the app and keeps them involved from beginning to end.

Tala Lending App

Reliable and inclusive

Created by Shivani Siroya, the Tala digital lending app is a tool that allows anyone with a cell phone to build a financial track record. Not everybody can get a loan to start a business, buy a home, or improve their quality of lives. Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions don’t know us on a personal level, but their way of trusting us is through our credit scores which have been created through an analysis of our public consumer credit data. However, there are 2.5 billion people who don’t have a credit score.

Why is it great?

Tala lends money to people with little or no credit. The entire process, from visiting the Play Store to actually receiving money, takes less than five minutes. In order to be approved, users upload information such as merchant transactions and other behaviors. An algorithm determines their risk profile and clients can get their capital at a traditional bank account or preferred cashout channel. No more lengthy paperwork!

The design principles used in Tala include a simple and easy-to-use design. During their rebranding process, designers evolved the Tala brand to be a modern and friendly customer-first brand that stands apart from competitors, and it certainly does!