5 Best Work From Home Apps

By now, most of us are quite familiar with working remotely. The global pandemic situation pushed organizations worldwide to embrace a digital workplace and adjust remote teams to a new reality.With a remote working culture nested in our daily routine, useful apps for work from home seem essential to ensure that employees are in constant communication with each other and accomplish work with their colleagues from wherever they are based.With so many alternatives available in the market, it can be difficult to pick the right apps.

The Tekton team has put together a list of 5 of their favorite remote working apps that can help you improve your remote working effectiveness.

5 best work from home apps

#1 Slack

When it comes to collaboration and communication, a powerful team messaging tool, with a wide range of features and customization options like Slack comes to mind. “Where work happens” is the slogan that accompanies Slack’s platform, offering the benefit of being able to set up a range of channels that can be organized by subject or group, set reminders for messages, track documents, and quickly find previous messages. In Slack, you can react to what colleagues have said, share documents, conduct live video chats in-channel and even add emojis.

#2 Kissflow

When you have an all-in-one digital workplace platform like Kissflow that helps keep up with several applications at the same time, work becomes that much easier to accomplish. The strength of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps you need. It allows you to collaborate, communicate and manage work, all through one single application. Whether you want to create an automated process, build a task board, handle a case flow, or collaborate on work topics, Kissflow has everything your team needs to manage any type of work they take on.

#3 Toggl

Tracking time, planning, and delivering work on time while working remotely is essential to make the most of your day. By taking control of your time and getting on top of your to-do list, you can boost productivity and efficiency. A well-designed and easy-to-use software like Toggl will help you increase those productive hours and make sure you focus on meaningful tasks. Once you have recorded your work over a period of time, you will have the option of using this data to manage your time wisely.

#4 Dashlane

Remote work has increased the need for powerful security measures and remote-access technologies are exposed to more external threats. Designed for a safer life online, Dashlane is ranked among the best password managers out there. From passwords to personal info, Dashlane is a simple solution for protecting all your data. The application integrates consistently into your online routines by following along to save and fill in your passwords and personal information as you browse. With Dashlane you can store an unlimited number of passwords and access them anywhere.

#5 Evernote

Some people might still prefer the old method of taking notes with pen and paper, but having a powerful organizational tool on your phone can definitely make your life easier. Evernote is a note-taking app that helps you create, organize and edit your digital notes. Whether they’re bright ideas you want to document, recipes you want to share, or innovative plans for work, what’s great about this application is you can use it everywhere as notes stay updated across all devices. One of the coolest features of Evernote is its web clipper, which lets you clip a website or part of it and save it to your own account. The popular tool also allows you to invite others to share and input notes.