An Interview with Tekton’s

Business Development Manager Óscar Calero

Tell me about your background pre-Tekton. How did you arrive at the role of Business Development Manager?

Although at the beginning of my career I was involved in marketing and sales, I was always linked to product development and digital business. Along my career, due to my knowledge and desire to enter the digital world, I began to lead development projects.

It was when I joined Tekton that I confirmed my inclination to this world, and here I am, doing what I like the most.

As Business Development Manager in Perú, how do you face your tasks in this time when mobility and personal contact are more limited?

Actually, I’ve been missing out on human touch, to be able to talk and create both social and task-related relationships with my colleagues. However, in this new normality we have all adapted well and I’m happy this has not limited any of my tasks.

What strategies do you develop to reach your team’s goals?

The main objectives of the Business Development team involve establishing new alliances with existing or new partners. To accomplish these tasks, we engage in a long process of building strong relationships and follow them up closely. Not only does this work to seal a new project, but to get fully involved in it from beginning to end. This process has helped me bring together better project proposals and earn my partner’s trust.

What kind of projects or products excite you the most? Which ones are you working on currently?

The ones that start from scratch, introduce a new topic and encourage me to conduct research. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself to come up with new solutions and strategies that work for both the client and our team. As the BDM at Tekton, I certainly have all the support.

We currently have a blockchain project. If it comes to fruition it will be a great achievement! The whole team is very excited about it because it represents a great challenge.

Describe any obstacles you’ve encountered on a recent project and your contribution to its success.

In every role, you face obstacles that force you to take action, such as reducing the time while developing marketing strategies. This requires analyzing each functionality to find dependencies, thus making better decisions.

What are some of the tools you rely on to do your job?

The tool I love the most is Jira. It is a complete project management software that allows you to manage work, from boosting productivity to helping HR teams handle all their service demands. There is also Hubspot which helps us with project and client management, and Figma, the tool I like the most regarding UX/UI.

What challenges do you think the technology sector is currently facing?

Currently, the biggest challenge is employee retention. In an environment with so much demand, employees tend to seek better opportunities and flexibility. This has been increasing due to the pandemic and has reached a peak with high levels of staff turnover.

Fortunately, at Tekton we’re aware of these challenges and the workplace culture feels inspiring. People are the greatest asset and the work environment provides professional growth and the ideal balance needed between life and work.

What are some goals or strategies you plan to implement in 2022?

We want to kick off the year with challenging projects that involve new technologies such as blockchain issues. Fortunately, the prospect seems favorable.

If you could offer one piece of advice to young generations who are aspiring to work in the technology sector, what would it be?

My piece of advice would be to start practicing ASAP. Now you can learn to code from home with free courses and even on Youtube. It is better to make mistakes early and learn from them, in order to have more opportunities when studies are concluded. Technology is the future, however, you have to know how to take advantage of it.