We seek to attract top talent

To make great wine we need good grapes

To make great wine we need good grapes

In Tekton you will
find people who

Are purposeful

Want to generate
positive change

Are committed to
everything they do

Invest in their personal and
professional development

Intent to leave a
legacy at Tekton


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    Benefits we offer

    Here are some benefits we have at Tekton

    Remote working

    Enjoy working remotely: wherever you are, worldwide


    Clock in, clock out is so last century. Choose
    your schedule to strike the right work-life balance

    Buffer friday

    Get your chores done before friday and
    invest the afternoon in yourself


    Ongoing training program to continue
    growing in the industry

    English Lessons

    Broaden your horizons by improving your English proficiency

    Career path

    Making growth opportunities visible with tangible action plans

    We’d like to know you! Apply even if there are no
    positions available for you, yet.

    Shoot us a message. We’ll let you know as soon as something comes up.

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