How it all started: The Tekton Story

Tekton traces its roots to founder Kenneth López, a young entrepreneur, and engineer who fell in love with science, began programming at the age of 13 and decided to start his own business during his third year of college. He was 21 years old when he started and entrepreneurship was not as prevalent as it is now. On the US market, age is irrelevant, and corporations pay sooner and at better rates than in Latam. Additionally, a sales cycle is considerably faster than in the Latin American market. So, Kenneth bet on it.

It was 2008 and at Tekton the team was small, young but remarkably passionate. Always looking to create value for their clients by putting forth great effort in how they use various technologies to their advantage. Soon Tekton was able to conduct business in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and the Dominican Republic but Kenneth’s main view was focused on how they could help the world, support new ways of education, the creation of new businesses and push the limits for young people who believed in the power of technology.

Growing at a fast pace in 2009 by expanding business to insurance, retail, education and financial services, they realized they were not only good at fixing tech problems but also at identifying key opportunity areas for their clients. To do so from sprint one, they incorporated new frameworks and started their transformation into a consulting firm. At the time, Kenneth envisioned growing a team that could take on everyday difficulties and do tasks that other organizations were unable to undertake. Consequently, the greatest challenge became locating talent suited with the culture that grew from this vision.

In 2010, during a period of fast growth, Jeffrey Pinedo joined the team and was later promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Jeff brought efficiency and organization to Tekton and started to make things happen. The company’s staff and services expanded and so did the operations to Mexico by 2013, the third country after the United States and Perú. In 2015, the company received a boost when honored with an Anda award.

By 2018 Kenneth focused on the company’s global growth. Lorena Ortiz de Zevallos was named CEO to take on the challenge. She brought with her the ability to scale, which took Tekton to a whole new level. The company expanded to Chile, Argentina and Guatemala, and received the Entrepreneurial Internationalization Award. With a solid commitment to diversity, inclusion, creativity and equality among all, the company was able to adapt quickly and still keep high quality standards during the pandemic, when nearly all employees worked remotely.

To consolidate as a consulting firm and promote a design-driven culture, the company established a Design department and emphasized cross-functional cooperation between teams. With a strong group of leaders, a growing number of happy Tektonians, and good financial results, certainly they will continue to grow into their vision as the company moves into 2023.

Headquarters address: 800W El Camino Real Ste 180, Mountain View, CA 94040
Year established: 2008 in Peru & 2010 in the USA
Number of employees: 120+
Global operations: Perú, Mexico, US
Expertise: Consulting and Product Development