How to recruit IT talent

How to recruit IT talent

Technology is constantly changing, groundbreaking ideas become obsolete, and companies everywhere are constantly battling to stay ahead of the curve. This makes knowing how to recruit IT talent essential.

Demand for top IT talent will always be higher than the supply, and if you want to get them on your team, you need to know what it takes to recruit top IT talent and make sure they’re a good fit for your company.

Getting the talent your team needs

Before you understand who your team needs, you need to know what they need. Even for jobs that are relatively standard across different companies, your company culture, personality, and established processes are enough to make the position unique. In other words, you not only need top talent, but you also need top talent that will fit nicely into your group.


If you’re playing a leading role on your team, ask them what they think is missing and what kind of person would best fill the position. After all, they will be working alongside the new talent, and how well they work together can make all the difference. This ensures you know how to recruit IT talent you need.


Every company should also have a mission statement. Have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Ask what it means to your potential employee. After that, explain what it means to you and see if this person will help you accomplish the mission. You need to know what they could bring to the table to help you get there. There is so much more to a job than just the skills.

Recruiting IT the right way

Because talented individuals are so highly sought after, they aren’t usually the people proactively seeking other jobs. With just a 1.5% unemployment rate in the tech industry, it’s less likely that top talent will be looking on job boards or applying directly to your company on their own.


The key to recruiting IT talent isn’t necessarily knowing where to look or asking the right people. It’s about attracting top talent to your team because talented people have options. Ask yourself what kind of person would fit perfectly into your team, and then ask how your company culture, compensation, technology, and personality will attract the person you need.


Remember that recruitment will also be tied to your marketing. Top talent will usually gravitate towards companies with a higher profile and higher numbers. The reputation of a company, even when minimal in the case of start-ups, is going to be a crucial factor in whether or not a potential recruit will apply. Investing in your company’s technology and reputation is essential for attracting top IT talent.

Recruiting tech experts with Tekton

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