Meet Tekton’s Chief People Officer Mariana Balbi

One thing that today’s business environment has taught us is the importance of creating opportunities for people. Without a committed and motivated team, it is difficult for any company to achieve success. My main duty as Tekton’s Chief People Officer is to foster a healthy work environment and promote the company’s culture. Every Tektonian’s professional and personal success is extremely valuable to me.Keep reading to learn more about my experience as Tekton’s Chief People Officer.

Promoting Effective Communication
As a CPO, I am enthusiastic about empowering people to do remarkable things, which is what drew me to Tekton in early 2021. Since then, I’ve learned that the most rewarding part of being a Tektonian is the freedom to contribute in whatever way that speaks to you. Everyone is welcome to participate, share their thoughts, and speak up.

Building a strong company culture relies on solid communication, so I make it a priority to keep things straightforward and to the point. Since we shifted to remote work, we’ve encountered new communication hurdles, but we’ve learned some effective strategies along the way. We encourage team members to turn on their cameras during meetings to add a personal touch and kick off calls with a friendly chat before diving into business. Our team has a relaxed and amiable vibe, where we can freely express ourselves and foster open conversations. It’s all about getting to know each other, staying connected, and keeping the sense of community alive.

Tackling New Challenges
One of my primary responsabilities as the Chief People Officer of a technology company has been to constantly learn new skills and deal with new challenges. These challenges involve focusing on technical aspects — such as engaging with data and tech — but also supporting diversity and inclusion, as well as developing strong connections, trust, and a positive work atmosphere.

For a company to prosper, team members must feel comfortable, motivated, and, most importantly, valued and acknowledged for their efforts. I like bringing up both major and minor issues or salutations, ranging from important company updates to brief announcements about individual team members, as part of our work culture.

Driving Transformation and Change
As HR executives in the technology sector, we are swiftly assuming a dual role as data scientists and leaders of change and culture. It is essential to align the efforts of the entire workforce with the company’s overall business strategy, as well as cultivate a healthy work culture and soft skills. This is how I make sure all staff members know where the company is going and what they need to do to help it reach its goals. I think that bringing people together and giving them

a feeling of direction and purpose boosts employee morale and unifies our team’s vision for the future.

If you believe Tekton could be a suitable fit for your company’s digital strategy in the future, please contact us.