Mobile App Development & Web Development For Tourism Company

The Challenge

The Marketing & E-Marketing manager of the Peruvian Tourism Company knew their company didn’t have a huge team to improve their digital footprint.  They believed their website was “terrible” and needed to improve the overall digital footprint and experiences for prospective clients, and their existing clients.

The Tourism Company also didn’t have a huge budget and didn’t know where to start on how to build out budgets for these types of projects.  

The Solution

Tekton became a highly reliable consultant to the Tourism Company. They helped guide the tourism company in what they need and plan out a year’s budget for their digital projects.  The first place Tekton started helping with was on the website.  They already had a website, but it needed A LOT of changes to get it to a satisfactory level.  

From there, the relationship grew into Tekton helping build them a Mobile app for iPhone and Android.  The purpose of the app was to deliver tourist information to people travelling across Peru.

The Results

The tourism company found great results in their website updates, as well as in the development of an app for both English and Spanish.  Tekton was practised in their skills, knew a lot about the industry, and worked very fast.  The Marketing & E-Marketing Manager who worked closely with us found Tekton to be “true to their word on deadlines, and readily provide support or ideas”.