Why You Should Work With An Agile Team

Why You Should Work With An Agile Team

You probably already heard about agile and a little bit about how it works. But what you want to know is what working with an agile team can do for your company and why it matters. Here, you’ll find a no-nonsense explanation of the benefits of working with an agile team and why it can be a much-needed change for your company.

Five reasons to consider working with an agile team

Flexibility protects your investment in the project

Foster creative


Dramatically increase workplace productivity

Receive frequent


Improve customer


For those unfamiliar with agile, it can seem a little too unorthodox to give teams more freedom to make decisions or work with flexible deadlines. But this freedom is precisely what increases efficiency, workplace productivity and most importantly enables teams to produce better products.

One of the main issues agile was meant to solve was the rigid outlines that constrain projects and the people working on them. Agile does away with unnecessary red tape and fosters the creative intelligence of its team to overcome hurdles, make continuous improvements, and ultimately, find better ways to satisfy the customer.

Your deadline doesn’t need to be flexible

If you aren’t familiar with agile methodology, you might hear all of this and say, “Flexibility doesn’t work when you have a deadline.” But this isn’t true. Your deadline doesn’t have to be flexible; only the way you reach it does. And with added efficiency and workplace productivity, you’ll have a much better product by the time your deadline rolls around.

When you work with an agile team, your project will be broken up into features and stories developed in PI’s of about 6-8 weeks, and sprints that range from 1-4 week periods. You can regularly keep up with your team’s progress and react to it in real-time. There will be plenty of opportunities for stakeholders to reassess the backlog and reprioritize the outcomes of a given iteration.

Maximize productivity using the agile frameworks

The best thing about agile is focusing your efforts where they matter most. Agile simplifies things by having clearly defined decision-makers who have the freedom to make executive decisions from the ground up. This means you get to focus on the bigger picture, making important decisions and removing barriers for your team.

The Agile frameworks also maximize workplace productivity because everything works together. Group efforts are coordinated with frequent meetings that establish universal priorities. This does away with disjointed efforts working with different priorities and having different meetings. We unify teams by setting clear lines of communication from the very beginning. No more confusion — no more wasted time.

Get the most out of agile with Tekton Labs

The key to getting the most out of an agile team is working with people you can trust. We use the SCRUM approach to agile to help you save money, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience. SCRUM isn’t just a system for software development. We’ve also seen drastic improvements in marketing, HR departments, manufacturing, and pretty much anything with the need for original solutions that just make sense.

If you want to increase your success rates, boost speed to market, increase productivity, and protect your investment, contact Tekton Labs to learn more about what we can do for you.